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”ET go home… without a home”

How do I view the ongoing drama about Israel?
Well, I could talk about history, but I’m not sure it impresses anyone… And I feel that people will not like me saying that the so-called ‘anti-Zionism’ or ‘anti-Israel’ stances are cover-ups for good old anti-Semitism, which is not allowed. You can be perfectly okey saying the worst things about Israel, the IDF, the Israeli people, even publishing such blood libel as was published last year about Israel selling body parts of Palestinians. Doesn’t anyone know that Israel provides medical health to Palestinians and even Arabs from Arab countries which Israel has no diplomatic ties with? Think of how many Arab lives are saved because of organ donations from Jews.

It seems that both Europeans and Muslims feel that Jews are strangers in this world, like aliens… (kind of ET go home… without a home…) They, the Jews, are not allowed to live, and we noticed this only 60-70 years ago. The world expressed it quite unanimously. Moreover, a greater ‘hutzpa’ is not only that Jews continue to live (actually they thrive), but they actually have the nerve to defend themselves. Thus, you won’t hear anything about the enormous number of missiles shot at civilians; in particular, targeting kindergartens and schools in southern Israel for years. However, the minute that Israel reacts… and it reacts after a very long time… Only then, you’ll hear about the terrible Israelis (incarnated Satans) killing these poor, peace-loving Palestinians.

Think about it. Ask yourself: your home town of Malmö, Borås (fill in with any Swedish town or city) is bombarded on a daily basis, targeting your children and elders, living in constant fear that you may be killed and your children become orphans. What would you do about it? How many people need to be killed or maimed by these attacks, by of people who declare that they want to wipe you out day in and day out… until you react?

How is it that no one speaks about Assad who slaughters his own people? Yes, he already killed about 8,000 of his own people. How is it that no one talks about Muslim kids learning to hate people of other beliefs and religions and kill them, including in Europe (I know, I lived in the Netherlands)? How is it that the only people on this earth who is not allowed to defend itself is Jewish (Israel is still, thank God, a Jewish state… for anyone who needs a reminder)?

Best wishes,


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  1. Ingela

    Kunde inte sagt det bättre själv! Precis så känner jag, men orkar ibland inte prata och upprepa vad jag så många gånger sagt…good going, Shosi.
    I am swedish-Israeli, now Living in Sweden, after 25 years in Israel.

  2. tali

    Assad had already, in a few weeks, killed more arabs that Israel had since 1967

  3. Shoshi

    Thanks Ingela. I understand that you liked my letter… I don’t know Swedish :-)

  4. Shoshi

    Thanks Ingela I used Google translate right now and been able to interpret your message. Great!

  5. Matt

    Shoshi- diminutive of ‘shoshana’= hebrew rose- like flower, in this case a blonde one, & like the flower so pretty & sweet, but thorny when handled improperly: WELL said written!!! Just an added note- the areas in Israel under missile mortar attack (13 of land area, over 1 MILLION civilians) have only 15-90 SECONDS warning to get to ”safe” area. AND- they SARE fired upon DAILY despite the ”cease-fire”

  6. Shoshi

    Thanks Matt for your comment. I didn’t know missiles cover third of the country :-(

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