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I am not a Zionist – but we don’t have another country

I was born in Israel.

I must admit that sometimes Zionism is very close to be racism – BUT the moment Israel will not be controlled by a Jewish majority, the Jews will lose the only safe place in the world!

I strongly think that Israel is the land of all religions – BUT I think the idea of changing Israel into a state of all its citizens is an illusion.

I am not a Zionist, and I do not always agree with some decisions nor with the Israeli government’s policy, BUT we don’t have another country.

So maybe I’m not the typical Israeli, but I’m definitely Jewish, and JERUSALEM is my home. ❤


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  1. Anat

    Dear M,
    Would you at least look into the terms you are using? There is no connection between Zionism and Racism. Zionism is the belief that the Jewish nation should realize their right for a country (in Israel for modern Zionism). Racism is the belief that other races are inferior to yours.

    • Mark

      In good case this guy don’t undestand the terms.
      Worst -if he provoke discussion ”zionism = rasizm.
      Zionism newer was even similar to racism


    Zionism is not racist. However, to have ”one People” control a state is not a democracy no matter what lengths the state goes to protect the rights of minorities. George Orwell said it best in Animal Farm. ”All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” Europe continues to wrestle with this issue and is failing.

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