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”A neighbour threw stones at me, shouting: ‘Jew, go home!’ My parents took his advice and we came Home – to Israel”

Hello Kim!

My name is Adriana and I was born in Argentina.
When I was about four, the Six-Day War took place and a neighbour of mine (not very nice indeed) threw stones at me, shouting: ”Jew, go home!”
My parents took his advice and we came Home – to Israel.
I grew up here, went to the army, got married, raised a family…

Today Israel is my home, my daughter’s home, my family’s and my friends’ home – my whole life.
Like many Israelis it came with a price: family members killed in wars, lost friends, and a life that for some people around the world may seem crazy. And yet – this is home.
Imagine for yourself, the feeling of someone who finally comes home and his neighbours want him to leave – or in their words: ”throw you to the sea”…
And yet – because this is home (and always has been, as my neighbour said), we don’t intend to go anywhere.
Sorry folks, we are here to stay!
And now, that we made this clear, we can start talking…

Sincerely yours,

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  1. Shoshi

    Brilliant. Thanks Adriana for your succint, wonderful letter.

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