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Along with these who protest against Israel, we also have a few supporters. We have an ‘advocate’ in Sweden, Kim Milrell is his name, and he protects Israel from all the slander and the critisizm in the Swedish media and all this he does from a successful blog that he manages. Our reporter met Kim while he visited Israel.

Today it is not easy to manage the ‘hasbara’ of Israel, but despite the difficult situation, also abroad there is somebody who takes the mission on him.

Kim Milrell, is his name, Swedish Zionist.
You would find him in every event FOR Israel in Sweden.
He wants to explain the Israeli position in the atmosphere that exists today in the Scandinavian country.
It is a mission that becomes more and more difficult.
Also he wasn’t a big fan of Israel and believed everything that was written in Sweden about us, until one visit clarified to him that the truth looks totally different.
But in Sweden, this love of Israel, is not always accepted with sympathy.
Now he is here again, feels at home, enjoys the Israeli sun and for a second takes a vacation from the ‘hasbara’ and the debates about the tattoo.
And he also knows Hebrew.

Thanks to Elena for the translation.



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