Enough is enough: Speech

Pro-Israel rally, Stockholm 2012-12-09.

Hello and welcome!
It’s great that so many of you could come!
My name is Hanna. I have organized this with Anna Berg, Kim Milrell and stoppabojkott.se. The purpose is to support Israel and turn against biased news reporting! All of us are just ordinary people who love Israel and have grown tired of the Swedish media!
We are here today to say that enough is enough! We want the Swedish media’s selective, biased reporting on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians to stop!
Especially Aftonbladet but also other media have been demonizing the Israelis and glorifying the Palestinians for years. If you only follow the Swedish news reporting, it is not strange if you dislike Israel – which unfortunately many Swedes do.

The media is constantly ignoring the terror that Israelis are exposed to on a daily basis, and when the Israelis strike back in self-defense the media reports about an ”Israeli attack”. This slander has been going on for far too long and far too undisturbed. It feels like the media in Sweden have managed to dehumanize Israel. Israel is no longer seen as a nation, a people, but rather as a ”power”. And a very evil one.

Meanwhile, people like Gina Dirawi freely spread their delusions.
Pierre Schori speaks of removing Hamas ”ridiculous terrorist stamp” on national TV – ”SVT debate”. No wonder that in Sweden there are people who actually are on Hamas’ side, they do not know what these terrorists actually stand for.

Regardless of where one stands regarding the conflict, one has to understand that it is problematic that the journalists twist and bend the truth.

We have had enough of the demonizing of Israel! We want the Swedish media to stop judging Israel differently than the rest of the world. We want a fair reporting of the conflict. We want the media to realize their responsibilities in terms of public opinion and understand how their constant demonization of Israel has led to increased anti-Semitism.

Here is a reminder for the Wwedish journalists. Maybe it’s time for them to begin to follow their own professional ethics:

▪ Use their own sources, including interviews with people directly involved in the events to be reported, original documents and other primary sources, where possible.
▪ Credit information from already published sources, if their sources are not available.
▪ Use multiple independent sources, especially if the topic is controversial
▪ Verify all facts that emerge during the process.
▪ Find and report on all sides of the story.
▪ Report without taking sides, by giving voice to all involved in the conflict.

Enough is enough!

Hanna Zion
Anna Berg
Kim Milrell

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