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Video: Caroline Glick

This sharp lady says a whole lot of interesting things.

”We can’t get the Arabs to change their mind about Israel but we can stop giving them reason to think that their rejection of Israel is their key to their survival as regimes and to their success as communities. Palestinians by rejecting Israel have become the biggest aid recipients in the world. In fact in human history. We can stop rewarding them for bad behaviour.”

”So I think that it’s very important when we try to understand what’s happening in Israel, what moves the Israeli people, we realize that we are completely commited to maintaining our security. Of course we want peace – there is no Israeli that doesn’t want peace, but we are not willing to endanger ourselves in order to get someone to pat us on our back and say ”good work”. We have more at stake than smiles from foreigners telling us whatever we think we should be hearing at any particular minute of the day.”

FFWD to 41:38 (although Danny Ayalon’s speech is good too).

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