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Inte undra på att det var sorg på Antisemitbladets redaktion

Intressant läsning.

Chávez’s many anti-Jewish statements in the media, like calling Jews pigs, denying the Holocaust and accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians, contributed to an atmosphere of anti-Semitism that grew worse year by year. Suddenly it became frightening to walk down the street after dark, for fear of being harassed. Our synagogues and Jewish community buildings were spray-painted with swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans and there was a feeling that Chávez was egging on the populace and speaking the ”people’s language” against the Jews.

He was always quick to say that Venezuela’s large businesses are controlled by Jews ”stealing the nation’s money,” and we felt the results directly in our bottom lines. Everyone in the Jewish community felt their financial situation decline over time. I particularly remember the closing of a large Jewish-owned shopping mall in Caracas. Chávez decided to nationalize the property for the benefit of the state. Because many of the mall’s shop owners were Jewish, we felt that the motive was anti-Semitism, pure and simple.

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Varför vet medborgarna ingenting om detta?
Därför att svenska medier håller på som de gör – gullar med diktatorer, terrorister och allmänna huliganer.

Inte undra på att det var sorg på Antisemitbladets redaktion när ”hjälten” Chávez gick ur tiden.

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”We are fucked if the Jews come to power.”

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