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”Israelis don’t wish each other a fun, exciting, thrilling weekend as they leave at the end of a work week; they wish each other a ”quiet” weekend. Quiet is enough to keep us satisfied.


Finally, I may be writing this too close to a two-week stay in a bitterly cold overcast European city, but there’s something about beautiful weather that can keep one’s spirits up. Looking at the OECD survey, Israelis can only envy the folks in Norway and Sweden their cushy economic situation and rich package of social benefits from the state. However, day after frosty, gray, chilly day, financial security doesn’t necessarily keep your soul warm.”

”It’s thanks to both the wars and the weather, and those Friday night dinners that keep us from feeling lonely.”

Läs: Why are Israelis so damn happy?

”(…) it stipulates that any educational institution that receives aid meant to encourage or promote normalization of ties with Israel will face punishment: a 10-year prison term for an individual perpetrator and a fine of 20,000 Jordanian dinar (about $28,200) for any institution involved in organizing exchange programs or activities that include Israelis.”

Läs: Hamas Adds Restrictions on Schools and Israelis

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