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””This country does not fit the description of an apartheid state,” says author Qanta Ahmed in visit to Israel.”

Muslim writer touts Israeli tolerance of minorities

”Naturally, I’m delighted that France has finally seen the light about Hezbollah. But France had no problem with the organization during all the years it was conducting cross-border attacks on the Israeli population. Lest anyone forget, these attacks continued even after Israel’s UN-certified withdrawal from every last inch of Lebanese territory in 2000; it was one such cross-border raid that sparked the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006. In other words, France has just declared that cross-border incursions to kill Jews in Israel are perfectly fine, but cross-border incursions to kill Muslims in Syria are beyond the pale. If that isn’t an anti-Semitic double standard, I don’t know what is.”

France’s Outrageous Double Standard on Hezbollah and Terrorism

”More than four years after he offered the Palestinians a state with a sovereign share of Jerusalem and 100% of the West Bank, with some one-for-one land swaps, former prime minister Ehud Olmert accused PA President Mahmoud Abbas of lacking the guts to take the deal.”

Abbas failed to accept my peace offer because he’s ‘no hero’
Hand-drawn map shows what Olmert offered for peace
Details of Olmert’s peace offer to Palestinians exposed

”Pro-Palestinian groups may talk peace, but in reality they yearn for Israel’s destruction.”
The voices of BDS

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