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It can’t be easy being an Israeli

While Palestinians are firing rockets at Israel, the hooligans in Egypt are saying things like: ”[The Jews] take a Christian child, slit his throat, and slaughter him…they never forgo this rite.”

Meanwhile the ex-South African ambassador is criticizing Israel, using the expression ‘replication of apartheid’. Oy vey! Of course he is also mumbling about ”how Israel treats the Palestinians”. Why not talk about how the Palestinians and the Arab world treats Israel and the Jews?

That could be interesting.

Let’s not forget about the crazy Turk; Erdogan, well, where to start… ”Turkey PM Erdogan welcomes Hamas leaders.” I guess that covers it all really.

All over Europe Jews are being attacked (Swedish politicians: ”Let’s blame Israel!”). Some of these Jews flee to Israel, but not even there may they live in peace. They are to be boycotted by the countries they left had to leave.

And oh, even in Jerusalem Jews are being attacked by angry Arabs.

And I haven’t even said a word about the Iranian leaders. Nor Hezbollah.

The point is; the whole world is busy trashing both Jews and Israel, while glorifying the Palestinians and, well, the Arabs really.
Why is that?
If a Jew as much as sneezes next to an Arab we get the huge headlines.
Why is that?

Let’s call it Jew-hatred.

And all the great things that come from Israel – and the great things the Israelis do for humanity – are of course being ignored.

So, it can’t be easy being an Israeli.
But let me tell you: they’re damn fine!

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