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Another lovely week in Israel

Another lovely week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rehovot, Netanya, Israel

I’m back in Sweden after yet another lovely week in Israel.
I stayed in a cute rooftop apartment near Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, and I enjoyed the huge terrace a lot.
Yes, the August heat was a little too much for a pale Scandinavian guy, but I wasn’t complaining as I kept in mind that when coming back to Sweden summer would be taking its last breath and six months of darkness would be ahead of me.

Kim Milrell

When it got too hot…


Apart from visiting Tel Aviv I also spent half a day in Jerusalem. This time I, for the first time ever, had a ‘guide’. A man I’d never met before, someone I know from Twitter.
Jerusalem was, as always, beautiful and buzzing. We visited Mea Shearim and many holy places in the Old City.
Also an Orthodox couple, then unknown to me, invited us to their (amazing) home and the lady of the house lent me a book about conversion. Very sweet.

Mea Shearim

Mea Shearim.

Another lovely week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rehovot, Netanya, Israel

Mea Shearim.



It was my third time in Jerusalem and I enjoyed it, although I was happy to go back home to Tel Aviv.


Then I visited Rehovot, for the first time. A very sweet friend of mine invited me and she surprised me by taking me to the Weizmann Institute of Science. What a beautiful, peaceful place!
We also visited the Weizmann House. I had no idea it existed, so the beautiful – interesting – house was a pleasant surprise.

Chaim Weizmann's passport

Chaim Weizmann’s passport.

Another lovely week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rehovot, Netanya, Israel

Number 0001.

Weizmann House

Beautiful Weizmann House.

Weizmann House

Wouldn’t mind calling it home…

Weizmann Institute of Science

Cool building. Weizmann Institute of Science.


After Rehovot it was time to get back on the train again. This time going to another city I’d never visited before: Netanya.
Two lovely friends – whom I’d met in Stockholm a few weeks earlier – had promised me to take me to a place where one can get the most delicious Shakshuka. And yes, it really was tasty. Nothing like the Shakshuka that I once tried to cook in my own kitchen… (Gonna try it again – thanks for the inspiration!)

Netanya, Israel, Kim Milrell


Another lovely week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rehovot, Netanya, Israel


Then, after a long day it was yet again time to go back home to…

Tel Aviv

Glorious Tel Aviv

Glorious Tel Aviv.

So how is my Hebrew? It gets better and better, thanks. Slowly. One evening I was sent out to get falafel. I had to go to a certain address but as I got there I didn’t find a falafel place, but a flower shop.
I walked and walked and soon I saw a sign (no English signs at all) and I was happy to be able to read it.
I got my falafel and it was DELICIOUS. The best ever and nothing like the falafel you get in Sweden, with a lot of vegetables and one or perhaps two semi dry falafel balls hidden somewhere inside the pita bread.



I was also happy to be able to read ”Ashkelon” on the train (so I knew I was on the right one). I guess, apart from Hebrew music, the easiest way to learn is by reading signs. At least for me.

Then something bad happened. I finally got to see the inside of an Israeli police station.
I was mugged one early morning as I was waiting for a cab. Long story a little shorter: a guy took my wallet and ran away and I have now noticed that he managed to use my cards in various places on his way back home to the West Bank.
I feel violated and angry and it disturbs me that he knows who I am, he has my phone number, my email- and home address, while I know nothing about him. (Maybe YOU even read THIS. Remember: KARMA.)

Israel police

Not happy.

Thankfully this happened towards the end of my stay. I decided not to let it affect me too much, although my entire body was aching and I was sad and pissed off.

Let’s finish this off with a couple of happy pics.
And then I’ll start planning my ninth trip to Israel.

another lovely week in israel

A lot of Goldstar beer, but even more water.

Kim Milrell Tel Aviv

One of those perfect mornings.

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