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One of the scapegoats for Turkey — and Islamic societies in general, for that matter — is Israel. If Israel is too small for the problems faced, then it is the international Jewish lobby with money and global leverage. They rule the world, often covertly. Accusing Jews of everything that goes wrong is easy; one has no need to understand the causality behind the blunders made at home.

>>> Turkey’s Jewish problem


This notorious inclination to blame Jews for every failure going on in the Middle East has been the trend for quite some time. A wide-spread variety of people from different countries, ethnicity, ideologies, sects — even enemies of one other — invariably point to one direction: Israel.

>>> When will the Muslim world stop blaming its problems on the Jews?


Israeli volunteers provide refugees with food, medication and equipment, The Economist reports; it’s their duty as Jews, they explain

>>> Report: Israeli aid workers inside Syria


A Syrian teenager who was critically injured in her country’s civil war was all smiles as she left an Israeli hospital after more than a month of surgeries and rehabilitation. IDF medics initially brought the 15-year-old young woman to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed with serious shrapnel injuries to her left leg and stomach, after Syrian medics amputated her right leg.

>>> Syrian teen gets new life from Israeli hospital


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