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Sussex Friends of Israel

I received this message:

”We are a group who have just started up in response to intense and aggressive demonstrations in our town, by the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement outside an Israeli Sodastream shop (called Ecostream) in Brighton, England. This store, sells refills, and recyclable goods as well as other eco-friendly initiatives to cut down waste and pollution.
Upset and disturbed by the weekly harassment, chanting and shouting of lies and hatred by these activists outside Ecostream, members of the Jewish and Christian community of Brighton began a counter-protest, forming the group which is now known as Sussex Friends of Israel.
We’ve just had our first anniversary since we first started counter-protesting against the BDS, giving out pro-Israel leaflets, talking and engaging the public and giving them another narrative and another side to the story.
Members from all religions and backgrounds have thanked us for being a presence outside this boycotted shop, not only because they have also experienced harassment by the BDS and other groups, but because they feel marginalised and threatened by such a divisive, loud and aggressive movement on their streets.
Would you visit and Like (or/and Share?) our page and thus support our small but ever growing online community which aims to promote and share the truth about Israel and the wider Jewish Community?
Here is Sussex Friends of Israel’s link!”

Sussex friends of Israel

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