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Can you believe this comment?

Years ago I switched off the comment function on my blog(s).
All the nastiness got a bit too much and – as we all know – writing anything positive about Israel immediately brings those loons out of the dark.
Too much work going through all the foul comments (not to mention that it makes me sick to my stomach)!

However, comments were always allowed on LettersFromIsrael.com and as I imported all those ‘letters’ to Israelism.se recently, the comment option came with them.

I read these ugly words some ten days ago and I still haven’t been able to digest them. The comment’s for the (very popular) ‘Dear Swede… I don’t care’ letter.

Here it is in all its glory:

”I was born a Jewish Bastard, then luckily adopted by a Christian family. thank god. From what I have seen and learnt about many Jews, is they worship one thing ”Gold”. Most of them think they are `Gods Chosen People` and all the rest of us are second rate humans, so why should they be any different in Palestine, the Country they occupied from 1948 onwards. Their one aim was to wipe out the indigenous Arabs of Palestine. Many of my friends over the 77 years I have lived, have been English Jews, most of whom are disgusted with the actions of the Jewish Occupiers in Palestine. The only reason the so-called State of Israel exists, is because when GB gave Independence to Palestine in 1948, the U,S.of America helped the the first Jewish Terrorists, to attack Palastine, they killed indiscrimately not caring who died, including Jews resident in Palestine. We are partly to blame, as we destroyed any Arms or Ammunition we could not take with us on our departure, leaving the Palestinians, unable to defend themselves. Of course the main reason for Americas attitude, is because most of the Banks and Large Businesses in the U.S of A are owned by Jews. Just look at the Car industry and do not forget the Film Industry almost entirely Jewish owned. The same can be said about my Country England, our largest food Company Unilever is owned by Dutch Jews. Also food chains such as Tesco among many others are Jewish. I have been invited by Jewish friends to go on Holiday, to Jewish occupied Palestine on at least three occations and I have turned each and everyone down, when asked why, I have said I would be unable to keep my oppinions to myself, with regard to their occupation of Palestine, so would either be thrown into Prison or chucked out of their Occupied Terrority in Palestine. In my oppinion they are no better than the Nazis of Germany 1939 to 1945, when we freed them from the terror of Genoside, now where have heard I of that since then, OH! the Jews in Palestine. I could go on for ever, but unlike many poor Palestinians, I am about to sit down to my Lunch. Good luck to the Palastinians, keep fighting for your Country. An ex member of the Jewish Race. Peter J N.”

anti-semitic comments

Anti-semitic comments anyone?

P.S. I eventually erased this comment.

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